Code Skills

Does anything need to happen before I register?

Each course has a pre-registration survey which ensures a match between the attendee and course beforehand.

This can lead to a big cost saving for the company as it will prevent developers from attending a course where they wouldn't be able to get maximum benefit.

Who will run the training?

CodeSkills is the training division of Broken Keyboards Software, a consulting company with 10+ years of operation in South Africa and installed software in 5 countries.
It's also from the same team that brings you the very popular JSinSA technical conferences.

What do I get when I attend a CodeSkills course?

  • 1 or more days of hands-on training
  • printed courseware
  • a physical book applicable to the course (if a company sends multiple staff, we give the option to vary the book for each attendee)
  • certificate of completion (with or without merit - depending on assignment)
  • access to the trainer via our learner management system
  • a memory stick with:
    • custom videos based on the training course
    • course notes and samples
    • additional courseware
    • and links to further reading

How is this more efficient than buying a bunch of books for my devs?

It's our experience that all too often when a company buys kilograms of technical books these remain un/under-read.

All of our courses were created from scratch in 2013 & 2014 and represents the newest information from around the tech world. We are also constantly updating our courseware to keep it the most relevant tech training around.

Wouldn't it be cheaper to read a book?

When you compare the cost of buying a book against the cost of a course, it is important not to overlook *reading time*. It may cost 1/10 the cost to purchase a book, but if it takes a week to read, then the comparison suddenly becomes more realistic.

We are also a fan of the urgency to learn that comes with being in a classroom.

Wouldn't it be cheaper to watch online video training?

Probably, but often developers feel more comfortable attending hands-on training where they can be guided by an expert.

It can also be a lot more efficient to concentrate your training into a day or two. This often isn't easy to do with endless tutorial videos.

We encourage participation in all of our courses and recommend doing over passively listening to begin the process of muscle memory.

Ever tried to put your hand up and ask a question when watching a technical video? We have. And we didn't get an answer either...

What makes this training different to other class-room training?

All our lecturers are active developers

All of our courseware has been designed in the past 6 months and is being updated constantly - making it some of the most modern training available ... anywhere

All our training sessions are highly interactive. We believe this is the only way to ensure that the content is absorbed by attendees.

We also advocate the importance of practice during our training and ask everyone to complete various exercises to cement the principles we discuss.

How are the courses structured?

To make things applicable to as many attendees as possible, we break each course up into logic sessions. The result of each session is a complete mini-application using different business problems as the starting point.

A full break down of each courses' curriculum is available on the site.

We also know that applying the knowledge from a course can be as difficult as acquiring the knowledge in the first place.
Because of this, our courses are structured around real-world problems and where applicable all exercises are focused towards a final sample project.
We've found this to be a great way to seeing first hand how all the pieces fit together.

There are exercises at the end of each session in our courses which reinforce the lessons learnt and allow you to experiment with the new knowledge.

Is there much overlap between the courses

We do reiterate some of the best practices, but the various curriculum is unique and designed for multiple courses to be taken without getting déjà vu.

Lecturers know how to lecture, but can they actually code?

We can only hope! :-)

We're fully aware of the anecdote "those that can, do, those that can't, teach", which is why all our lecturers are industry experts and work with the relevant technologies all day ... every day ...

What happens if I don't pass?

This isn't school, so we don't give you a pass or fail.

If your assignment contains errors, we will work with you until it is correct and we will make sure you understand where you went wrong.

For those attendees that submit well-crafted assignments, we change the certificate from "for attendance" to "with merit" to differentiate those attendees that have done exceptionally well.
And, with your permission, we will congratulate you via our Twitter account (@CodeSkills) for your great work.

Who runs CodeSkills?

All courses are run by Broken Keyboards Software

Please take a look at our corporate site for more information.

Who will be teaching the courses?

Before opening a specific course for registration, we publish the instructors name and bio for your reference.

Once we open the course, you can review the bio of the training on the course page.

You are also free to contact them before the course should you need any further clarification. Where applicable, we also publish the speaker's Twitter, github, LinkedIn account names.

But, my developers are awesome!

I'm sure they are, but they still can't magically know new technologies or the best practices associated with each.

Think of us as your brain trust and let our course designers do all the research work for you.

Our developers don't like to be in public, do you offer in house training instead?

We definitely do. In fact, we can even customize our courseware to match your project business domain and technical challenges.

We are also happy to sign NDA's in this regard.

Exactly how much spam am I going to receive after doing a course?

We are very grateful for the business and respect your time and privacy, so all casual broad-reach communication is rather done via our Twitter account (@CodeSkills) which is easier to ignore than a direct email.

I attended a course, but can't remember anything. Can you remind me?

We realize that sometimes the pressure of projects can prevent you from using the skills you just acquired.

So, if you can't remember the information in the custom videos, courseware, additional course materials and trainer interaction when you need it ... then you are welcome to reattend a course at a greatly reduced cost.

If we send several developers at once, can we get a discount?

Sure, we love giving discounts! Get in touch with us and we'll come to the party.

My company is sending me and I'm hoping to sleep in the back row. Is that OK?

No ... seriously. But we are happy to recommend a list of training companies you may be interested in where this is perfectly acceptable.

All our courses are very interactive and need your involvement.

Are the courses interactive?

We believe that by "doing" each exercise *in* the class, the attendee will start to develop task muscle memory that will create confident knowledge retention *after* the class.

Are courses are structured around real world problems and require analysis and application of the knowledge learned in each session.

Each course includes sample code, exercises and utility functions to help you through the course and are equally applicable during your daily work.

Attendees work along with the instructor and *do* all of the examples to start the process of muscle memory. There really is method in our madness.

What happens after course day?

We'll send you an email within a few hours of the course with:

  • your assignment pack with timelines; ways to get help and details of what we'd like
  • your attendance certificate
  • information and log in credentials for our CodeSkills Learner Management System

How long will the assignment take to complete?

All our assignments are designed to take no more than 2 hours of your time and can be done at your own pace. We will however send you a reminder 7 days after the course if we haven't yet received your assignment. The sooner you do the assignment, the sooner you can benchmark your newly acquired skills *and* get help if need be.

Why should I do the assignment?

All our assignments are designed to reinforce the training and to show yourself and your employer that you have a good understanding of the course material. We also reissue the certification "with merit" based on the knowledge you demonstrate in the assignment.

When do I receive my assignment mark and certificate?

Assignments are submitted online and are marked within 2-3 days after we receive them. Once a mark has been assigned, you will receive an email with download details of the assessment. Should the quality of your assignment warrant it, we will reissue your certificate with a "with merit" badge.