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60 Minute Sessions

Duration: 60 Minutes Varied R 1,500.00 per session

We realize time is valuable and having developers and managers out of the office for an extended period of time can be tricky to schedule.
This is why we have developed an approach to passing on the essential knowledge on various topics in 60 minutes.

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How does it work:

  • We tailor the session to your industry and specific areas of interest
  • Our sessions will be guided by the participation and questions from your team

To minimize disruption for your team, we recommend that these sessions take place at your offices.

Technical sessions available:
All these sessions are highly technical with numerous demos and case-studies to illustrate the concepts without the minimum theory.
A comprehensive follow up reading list is distributed after the session for those wanting to continue learning.
Facebook React

In depth explanation about this exciting new framework and how it benefits those who are after high-end front end performance

This session is particularly beneficial for teams already knowledgeable about the MVC pattern.

Domain-Driven Design

We cut through all the verbage and get to the fundamentals of this approach to designing large systems.


Earlier this year, MongoDB climbed to the 5th most popular database *, so if your team hasn't started evaluating it, this session will ramp them up.

Various real world use-cases from our clients will be covered along with some myth-busting explanations.


With Google's backing, adoption of this framework has taken off and many teams are left stranded.

In 60 minutes, we'll cover the most important aspects and short cut your ramp up to begin using this in your projects.

Web data visualisations

Big data and ways to visualise it are hot topics at the moment. This session will prepare your team with techniques to display data on the web in a graphic-rich way.

D3 and RaphaelJS are covered in details. Canvas can also be covered if required by your team.

JavaScript for non-web developers

The JavaScript ecosystem has expanded way beyond pure web development and now has areas of interest for developers across the application stack.

This session introduces the language as a viable alternative to power all types of applications and developer workflows.

Non-Technical sessions available:
These talks contain information we have presented to 2000+ people over the past few years at local conferences such as Tech Ed, Tech4Africa, Ruby fuza, JSinSA and others.
How to motivate a dev team

Many of our clients struggle with retaining and attracting top talent.

While there is no single one-size-fits-all solution, this session for developer managers & CxO's will analyse the common pain points and summarize popular approaches.

Realistic agile for real teams

This session doesn't hook onto the current fad of following new approaches to deal with an old problem.

Instead, we analyse the problem and try to present viable practical solutions to managing the best out of creative people.

Applicable to anyone who manages developer teams.