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Text Template Transformation Toolkit

Duration: 1 day Easy Intermediate Difficult R 3,500.00 per student

Text Template Transformation Toolkit has been included inside Visual Studio for several years, but the usefulness remains a mystery to most developers. You may never need to write plumbing code again after learning how T4 can help you.

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  • Good working knowledge of C#


  • Learn how code generators can speed project delivery and make things fun again
  • Learn how to make use of T4 in a variety of situations
  • All the CodeSkills standard benefits

This course is for:

Any developer who hates writing the same old plumbing code and is looking for ways to streamline the way they work.

Curriculum covered:
Session 1 Introduction to template engines and how they work
Session 2 Overview of the T4 syntax, available components and tools
Session 3 Step-by-step ways of using T4 to solve various real world problems