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Practical Entity Framework

Duration: 2 days Easy Intermediate Difficult R 6,000.00 per student

Entity Framework has quickly become the de factor standard for data access in the Microsoft world and this course ensures that your skills are ready to take full advantage of this tool.

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  • Good understanding of at least 1 ORM
  • Good working knowledge of C#
  • Good working knowledge of SQL Server
  • An understanding of LINQ


  • Deep understanding of the tool
  • Understanding how to make full use of Entity Framework in both new and existing projects
  • All the CodeSkills standard benefits

This course is for:

All Microsoft developers who want to learn more about this pervasive tool for accessing databases.

Curriculum covered:
Day 1
Session 1 An overview of the O/RM landscape
Session 2 Getting started
Session 3 Making full use of the Entity Framework designer
Session 4 A LINQ refresher
Session 5 Understanding the ins and outs of lazy loading
Session 6 The "how and what" of code-first; model-first and database-first development
Day 2
Session 7 Working with entities
Session 8 Extending and manipulating Entity Framework to do things your way
Session 9 Dealing with complex models and relationships
Session 10 How to monitor performance