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Practical ASP.NET MVC

Duration: 2 days Easy Intermediate Difficult R 6,000.00 per student

Making software has moved far beyond "File ... new project" and this course teaches you the best practices for assembling a modern web stack.

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  • Good working knowledge of C#, HTML, CSS, javascript
  • Good understanding of how the web works
  • Knowledge of ASP.NET or other web stack


  • Best practice boiler plate code
  • Solutions to real-world problems
  • All the CodeSkills standard benefits

This course is for:

Web developers wanting to improve their knowledge of ASP.NET MVC and have a structured approach to their next project.

More info:

This course is project based, so you'll end up with a working mini-system at the end which you can use as a reference.

Curriculum covered:
Day 1
Session 1 The theory behind M.V.C.
Session 2 Assembling an MVC application from the ground up
Session 3 Refactoring the site for better reusability
Session 4 Using Ajax to deliver pages quicker and make more
Day 2
Session 5 Testing the site
Session 6 Techniques for securing your web app
Session 7 How to handle, log and monitor errors
Session 8 Performance analysis