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NoSQL, a commonsense approach

Duration: 1 day Easy Intermediate Difficult R 3,500.00 per student

Many teams have been burnt by diving into the NoSQL crazy of the last couple years.
Rarely are the tools at fault.
This course ramps up your skill on the NoSQL landscape and covers many of the good & bad use cases for these types of databases.
We cover several NoSQL products, but will use Mongo as the primary one.

I'm interested!


  • Good knowledge of RDBMS


  • Practical skills to apply to your next NoSQL project
  • Full understanding of the pros and cons
  • All the CodeSkills standard benefits

This course is for:

Developers or DBAs wanting to implement NoSQL within their next projec

Curriculum covered:
Session 1 Tour of the NoSQL landscape
Session 2 Overview of Mongo's functionality
Session 3 Schema design for schemaless databases
Session 4 Usecase workshops
Session 5 Usecase workshops
Session 6 Evaluation criteria for NoSQL
Session 7 Polyglot persistence & persistence ignorance