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Angular 2

Duration: 1 day Easy Intermediate Difficult R 3,500.00 per student

JavaScript has changed and the new ECMAScript standard (ES6 / ES2015) is set to rapidly change the skills market in 2016.
Along with this change, Angular 2 has begun it's transition through the betas and towards a final release.
We believe both of these tools will become standard towards the middle of 2016.

I'm interested!


  • Solid knowledge of JavaScript and Angular 1.x
  • Understanding of build tools (eg: Gulp/Grunt/similar)


  • Upgrading your JavaScript skills for 2016 and beyond
  • All the CodeSkills standard benefits

This course is for:

Existing JavaScript developers who are keen to move beyond the old way of using their language and upgrade to what's coming in 2016.

Curriculum covered:
Session 1 The JavaScript landscape
Session 2 ES6 & Typescript
Session 3 Toolchains
Session 4 Angular 2 overview
Session 5 App structure
Session 6 Multiple end-to-end scenarios
Session 8 Testing
Session 9 Debugging
Session 10 Optimising & wrap up