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Advanced Node

Duration: 1 day Easy Intermediate Difficult R 3,500.00 per student

Over the past several years, the usage of JavaScript out side of the browser has exploded - everything from IoT; build tools; integration with 3rd parties and server-side components
Microsoft's recent open-sourcing of their Chakra engine will drive even more usage of the language.
This course covers how to create rock solid backend services with Node.

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  • A solid understanding of JavaScript
  • An understanding of software architectures & design patterns
  • Previous use of a cloud provider


  • Bringing design patterns from proper languages to your Node backends
  • REST/micro service design
  • All the CodeSkills standard benefits

This course is for:

Teams wanting to create great Node architectures.

Curriculum covered:
Session 1 The JavaScript ecosystem
Session 2 Microservice design
Session 3 Code structure
Session 4 Testing your code
Session 5 Service routing
Session 6 Deploying to the cloud