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Advanced Javascript

Duration: 1 day Easy Intermediate Difficult R 3,500.00 per student

Javascript has been around almost as long as the internet, but has trailed behind other languages in terms of best practices ... until now.

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  • A solid understanding of javascript and its role on the web


  • Learn how to apply battle-hardened design patterns and techniques to your javascript
  • All the CodeSkills standard benefits

This course is for:

Javascript developers wanting to level-up their knowledge.

Curriculum covered:
Session 1 TDD and automating testing
Session 2 How to structure your code to miminise spaghetti
Session 3 In depth coverage of closures, functions and arguments
Session 4 Techniques for protecting the global namespace
Session 5 Leveraging design patterns
Session 6 Bandwidth-optimising code
Session 7 What tools to use to debug your code and how to make use of them